Based on Certification and Accreditation ICF (International Coach Federation), many years of leadership experience and work with managers as a coach and mentor, Vladimir supports managers through the following methodologies for individual work:

  • coaching
    The largest organization for professional coaches in the world – International Coach Federation (ICF), defines coaching as “partnership with the client in a creative, provocative reflection process that inspires him to increase their personal and professional potential. Coaching process does not include counseling and counseling, but instead focuses on individuals who themselves set goals and achieve them. ” This is based on the identification of targets provocation by strong questions, listening, building an action plan and accountability.
  • mentoring
    Mentoring also uses powerful questions, active listening, identify goals, build an action plan and accountability. Unlike coaching, however, the process of mentoring may include counseling, giving feedback and sharing experiences.
  • A combination of coaching and mentoring
    This approach turns coaching and mentoring based on the specific needs of each individual klienta.Vremetraeneto coaching program is based on customer needs. Such programs last from three to twelve months, coaching sessions are conducted on average every two to three weeks and lasts from 60 minutes to 120 minutes. The duration of a session depends on what methodology is used and whether the client is observed in action.
    If you wish to individual work conducted familiarization meeting the potential client with Vladimir Borachev not paid. The objectives of this meeting are introduction, presentation of methodologies confirmation whether you can work together and coordinate future stapki.Izborat mentor and coach of the customer is key to achieving results. When choosing a mentor advised to pay attention to the professional and life experience of the individual person, his ability to listen and give constructive feedback and his desire to support others. When choosing a coach it is recommended that interested in his certification, accreditation, references from customers and coaching specialization.If the client considers that it can work with Vladimir Borachev or wants to have a wider choice of coach Vladimir may provide links to other certified and accredited coaches.

Vladimir builds and implements customized and practical seminars for management teams. Each customized seminar is being built to the specific needs of the management team and is held on the basis of a combination of role-playing games, demonstrations, tests, practical exercises, sharing of knowledge between participants, feedback, individual work and group work. The goal is for participants to reconcile his “leadership clock” to realize through a variety of practical tools which have their strengths and key areas for development discussed topics and create their own individual development plan for the coming months.
The main topics in which Vladimir specializes are:

  • leadership communication
  • Building trust & authority
  • Vision, Mission and Values
  • Hiring the right people
  • Placing the expectations and goals
  • delegation
  • management process
  • Management and evaluation of performance
  • Feedback
  • Working with difficult employees
  • Dealing with Conflict
  • Making tough decisions
  • motivation
  • Basic steps for continuous development of employees
  • Strong leadership issues
  • Self-awareness and leadership development
  • Basic “traps” in building leaders
  • Challenges big ego, and others.

Vladimir can support you if you are looking for energetic and inspiring guest who talk about challenges in life, motivation and happiness to your management team.


Vladimir builds customized teambuilding modules for management teams to self-knowledge, knowledge of others, cohesion and motivation of the team. It does this through a combination of tests, games, exercises, challenging mentally and physically lighter tasks. Any such program is built based on the time available, the specific objectives and specific participants.


Vladimir teaches a course on “Leadership Communication” program for executives (EMBA) at the American University in Bulgaria since 2010. He believes that the right leadership communication can engage and motivate employees to achieve organizational objectives. The way a manager is present, communicate and act has a tremendous impact on the performance of the team and the organization as a whole.
Course on “Leadership Communication” helps program participants to understand the strengths and areas for development of their leadership style and how to be more effective in achieving their professional goals. Key issues that find their answer during the course are:


  • How to communicate successfully as leaders?
  • How people accept our leadership communication style?
  • How to communicate with a new team?
  • What do we expect as a leadership communication of our leaders and what our team expects from us?
  • How a leader builds trust and respect?
  • How to effectively manage employee performance?
  • How to deal with conflict and difficult employees?
  • How to give feedback oriented development?
  • What to do with your emotions?
  • How to motivate your team?
  • How to develop employees?
  • How to conduct effective meetings?
  • What does effective management process?
  • What are our main strengths?
  • What are our key development areas?
  • What can we do as a next step in leadership development?
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