Professional journey every leader is supported by various people and organizations. Here I should thank the most important for my journey here:

I thank my parents for having invested in quality secondary education for me, not a new car 🙂 thank them for the values that I was taught and supported to choose his path.

Thank you to the American University in Bulgaria and IESE Business School to quality education and opportunities that my dadohaBlagodarya for the chance to work with great young people in the Master’s program for executives (EMBA) of AUB. Thank Endeavor confidence to be Menor entrepreneurs from their network.

Thanks for the opportunity to work in three leading its sector organizations – Xerox Corporation., Avon Cosmetics and American University in Bulgaria. Thanks for challenges, friendships, victories, and lessons learned growing up.

Thank my leaders and mentors (in chronological order) from which I learned a lot and without which way I was going to be a bumpy and steep Boyko Naydenov, Georgi Nikolov, Margarita Aleksieva Vasil Milenov, Claude Istria, Christoph tutto, Agnieszka Romanchuk , Filiz Myth, Olivier Feraton, John Travis, Boris Shestopalov Hristo Manov, Angela Cretu, Srdjan Milushkovich and Michael Easton.

Thanks to the 12 team with whom I worked and from whom I have learned so much. Sometimes stars are arranged so that a team works professionally motivated and with a lot of energy – like a well oiled machine. Thanks for the chance to work with these three teams who will always have a special place in my heart. These were: the sales team for direct sales of Xerox Bulgaria 1999 – 2001 YEAR (Walter Zheliazkov, Diana Andreeva, Diana Popova, Krasimir Angelov, Mariana ………., Petko Petkov, Sava Bobchev, Sergei Mikhalev, Stefania Zdravkova Hristo Chernev); sales team of Xerox Wide Format for Central and Eastern Europe, Turkey and Egypt 2003 – 2005 YEAR (Arpad bathrobes, Banu Bashar, Eersel The city Samiloglu, Iskander Ruggie, Horimir Martinek, Jurek Malo) and the management team by AVON Bulgaria, Macedonia and Albania 2007 – 2009 (Alexandra Cashman, Valentina Beshevishka, Galina Chakurova Georgi Bozhilov, Eva Pentova, Evelina Stefanova, Elena Petrova, Emilia Radivoev, Ivan Atanasov, Iliya Mihaylov Irini Zakidis, Yordan Stefanov, Jacqueline Tsocheva, Kiril Georgiev, Maria Abrasheva, Mariana Gerasimova Milena Sokurov, Nevena Srebrev Sergey Boev, Philip Popov, Julia Grigorova).

Thank Veselka Tsocheva and Nadezhda Mihailova that I opened the door to the world of professional coaching. Thanks to Marilyn Atkinson and Erickson International on practical and inspiring coaching training. Thank ICF and my colleagues from ICF Bulgaria professionalism, support and positive energy. Together we are stronger 🙂

Thanks to my clients – organizations, teams and individuals – for the trust to support you in your leadership journey and learn something new every day with you!

And last but not least – thank my family, so that it has supported me in all my endeavors!

Владимир Борачев